Best CTAs for ADs

Call To Action – Best CTAs for ADs

Now before I share list of my favorite Best CTAs for ADs, let me explain CTAs, once you understand you can create your own Call To Action Buttons which will work the best for your paid AD.

What is the best CTA?

Now before I tell you about this, let me tell you about CTA first;

CTA is Call To Action, which encourages user to take action after reading the post or after watching your video or after checking out AD Copy.

Now what is the best CTA?

CTA should be;
* Clear & Concise (5-7 words max with straightforward & simple language)
* Sense of urgency (Tell user that action needs to be taken urgently)
* Action verbs (like buy, get, try etc.)
* Mention the benefit (why anyone should click on your CTA? Is there any benefit in it for user?)
* Personalize if possible

How to know which CTA is Good & which is Bad?

Let me explain;

Bad = Click Here!
Good = Click Here to Download the eBook

Bad = Learn more!
Good = Learn more about Marketist

Bad = Subscribe Now!
Good = Subscribe to our newsletter

This is how you write the best CTA for your AD copy, Posts & blogs

List of Best CTAs for ADs:

Learn More: When you want to educate potential customers about your product or service.
Get Started Encourage users to take the first step in engaging with your offering, such as signing up for a newsletter or starting a trial.
Sign Up If you want users to create an account or subscribe to your service, “Sign Up” is a clear and straightforward CTA.
Buy Now Ideal for e-commerce campaigns, this CTA directly prompts users to make a purchase.
Shop Now Similar to “Buy Now,” this CTA can be used in e-commerce campaigns and implies a shopping experience.
Request a Quote Suitable for businesses that offer customized products or services, this CTA invites users to inquire about pricing.
Contact Us Use this CTA when you want users to reach out for more information or assistance.
Get a Demo If you’re promoting a software or complex product, offering a demo can be enticing.
Download Now Useful for promoting downloadable resources like eBooks, whitepapers, or software.
Book Now Ideal for service-based businesses, this CTA encourages users to schedule an appointment or reservation.
Call Now Especially effective for mobile users, this CTA directly initiates a phone call to your business.
Request More Information When users may need more details before making a decision, this CTA can be effective.
Limited Time Offer If you have a special promotion or sale, highlighting urgency with phrases like “Limited Time Offer” can boost conversions.
Get a Free Trial For SaaS or subscription-based services, offering a free trial can attract potential customers.
Join Now Use this CTA for memberships or exclusive communities.
Subscribe Encourage users to subscribe to your email newsletter for updates and promotions.
See Pricing If pricing is a significant consideration, make it easy for users to access your pricing information.
Try for Free Similar to “Get a Free Trial,” this CTA can entice users to try your product or service with no upfront cost.
Find Your Solution Ideal for businesses that offer solutions to specific problems or pain points.
Explore More Use this CTA to invite users to browse your website further or discover additional content.


Effectiveness of CTA will also depend on multiple factors some of them are;

  • Product/Service
  • Demographics/Interests you are targeting
  • AD Copy
  • Landing Page

Best is to to do some research, then go ahead with the Best CTAs for ADs which suits your requirements.
I wish you best of luck!

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