the best tea in Pakistan

Best Tea in Pakistan

If it wouldn’t be about health, I would drink Tea instead of 8 glass of Water, I love it this much. I visit a lot of great spots for the Best Tea in Pakistan, I have listed few below and I shall keep it updated. If I miss any, comment below and I shall visit that too soon.

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Although Pakistan is one of the top importer of the Tea, yet most of people do not know how to make the best tea. So as tea lover, I have visited a lot places in Pakistan to just enjoy the tea.

Let me take you to my journey; Here is the list of tea places you should definitely visit if you live nearby;

Tea at Home

(Upload image/video soon)

Queta Chaye in Soan Garden (Islamabad): 

Friday Soan Garden (Islamabad):

This cafe has been acquired by someone else and renamed as Taqi Eats or something, since then I did not go

Queta Gulberg Greens (Islamabad):

There are many Quetta Tea Stalls but this specifically is near Chaaye Khana

Quetta PWD (Islamabad):

It’s near Kolachi Restaurant in PWD.


Quetta Chinar Cafe, Bahria Town ph 4 (Islamabad):

Located in the heart of Bahria Town, right beside Hot n Spicy.

  • Shah Jee F10 (Islamabad)
  • Queta F7 (Islamabad)
  • National Tea (Sialkot)
  • Bali Tea Stall (Multan)
  • Channa Pump (Ghotki)

Mirani Hotel (Ghotki):

This is located on GT Road/Highway near Kalma Chowk.

  • Roopa mari (Hyderabad)

Chaaye Khana F6 (Islamabad):

This is not just the but it brings Nostalgia. Oh my God, every time it brings so many memories (good ones & emotional ones too)


Did I miss any? Let me know in comments!

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