Digital Marketing Roadmap 2023 for Beginners

Digital Marketing Learning Roadmap 2024 for Beginners

Digital Marketing Learning Roadmap 2024 for Beginners by Imran Nadir will help you learn Digital Marketing from scratch.

If I were you, I would have followed following steps;
With this modern roadmap you will be able to become next level Digital Marketer in modern Digital World.
Remember: You cannot be specialized in all, so learn basics of the all and choose 1 to become specialist in.
Example; you can be specialist in either paid marketing or organic marketing, further, you can become specialist in Meta ADs or Google ADs. After you are specialized in 1, then you can move to learn the next and become Performance Marketer.

Before we dive into Digital Marketing Roadmap, we need to understand some basic marketing concepts.
digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - basics of digital marketing

Learn the basics of Digital Marketing:

Here are some basic things you need to know about Marketing;
* Why do you want to learn Digital Marketing?
* What is Digital Marketing?
* How Marketing works?
* Why people do digital marketing?
* What is the objective of learning Digital Marketing?
Basic Concept of Marketing like;
* Traditional Marketing
* Selling Concept
* Product Concept
* Production Concept
* Societal Marketing Concept
* Marketing before and now
* Study these principles:
  • Goodwill & Reciprocity
  • The weight of status
  • The value equation
  • Scarcity & urgency
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Anchoring Bias
  • Marketing + Psychology
Note: more will be added soon!
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From where you begin learning Digital Marketing?
So, I recommend to start with the 1 which excites you, once you watch 1 or 2 videos of any, you will know which to go with.
1) Organic (Marketing that brings you organic traffic/users to your website without paying for it)
2) Paid (Marketing when you pay someone to get traffic/users to your website)

Types of Digital Marketing:

1) Organic Marketing covers;
* Email Marketing
* Personal Branding
* Your social connections
2) Paid Marketing covers;
* Google ADs/Search Engine Marketing (Google ADs, PPC)
* Social Media Marketing (Fb, Insta, LinkedIn etc.)

Step 1. Learn Basics of WordPress

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - basics of wordpress
Let me tell you why you need to know basics of WordPress;
  • Almost 60% websites are built in WordPress
  • After learning basic WordPress you will know many things like landing page, keywords, content.
  • This will help you to make marketing strategy where your user will go after checking your ad or organically finding you
As most of the website you will be doing SEO for you will have to have ideas on;
* How Website works
* How SEO plugins work & optimizing website for different things in marketing
* How to write SEO friendly content writing or to grab users attention etc
Note: You are not suppose to be pro at WordPress Design or Development, just the basics will do wonders in digital marketing.
Note: Do not spend more than 1 or 2 days on WordPress except if you go with SEO then you will have to dig deep

Step 2. Learn SEO

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - seo

Here is how you will learn SEO;
1) Keyword research
2) On Page SEO
3) Technical SEO
4) Local SEO
5) Off Page SEO
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Note: After learning complete SEO you can start providing these services to people so that you could begin earning from your skills.
Now you may ask how?

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - fiverr
Before we move to step 3;
* Go to
* Sign Up
* Create Effective gigs
* Wait for clients’ messages
* Begin getting projects

Step 3. Learn Canva:

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - canva
Canva is very powerful design tool, on which you can design any type of post including;
* Social Media Posts
* Web Design images
* Ready made templates
* Scheduling posts 

Step 4. Content Writing:

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - content writing
* SEO Friendly Blogs/Articles
* Web Copies
* Emails 


Step 5. Google ADs/PPC

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - google ads
Complete Google ADs;
  • Search Campaigns
  • PMAX
  • YouTube
  • Display ADs
  • GA 4 (Google Analytics)
  • Google Sheets/MS Office
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Step 6. Social Media Marketing:

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - social media marketing
Social Media Marketing
Cover most famous social media posts;
* Social Media Management (Manage Social Media for yourself & clients)
* Social Media Marketing (PAID Ads)
* Profiles Optimization
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Step 7. Email Marketing:

digital marketing roadmap - learn digital marketing - email marketing
* Writing emails
* Email Campaigns
* Generating potential leads
* Informing existing clients
* Measure results 

Step 8. Other Skills:

* Communication Skills
* Business Development Skills
* Freelancing
* Growing Personal Brand
* Team Building
* Project Management
* Outsourcing
* Building Brands Learn in Details.. (Coming Soon)

Step 9. AI for Digital Marketing:

Stay Updated with latest trends in Digital Marketing World Current known AI War is between ChatGPT & Bard 

Once you learn everything, please share your results below.

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FAQs about Digital Marketing Roadmap 2024

What is the future of digital marketing 2024?

I believe the future is of Digital Marketers including Influencers and people who do Digital Marketing. The rise in AI and mobile users is key factor in growth of businesses.

Is digital marketing a good career in 2024?

Demand of skilled Professionals of Digital Marketing has increased and it is top skill to learn in 2024 or in upcoming years. Digital Marketers will be next millionaires.

Will AI take over digital marketing?

No, AI will not replace but it will increase the productivity of professional Digital Marketers

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