Google ADs Terminology

Google ADs Terminology


ROASReturn on AD Spend
CTRClick Through Rate
CPCCost Per Click
CPACost Per Action/Converstion
Ad CampaignA set of ad groups, ads, and keywords centered around a specific advertising goal or target.
Ad GroupA subgroup within a campaign containing ads and related keywords targeting a specific theme or audience.
KeywordWords or phrases that advertisers choose to trigger their ads when users search on Google.
Ad AuctionThe process by which Google determines which ads to show and in what order when someone enters a search query.
Ad RankA metric that determines the position of your ad in search results based on bid amount, ad quality, and ad extensions.
Quality ScoreA metric that assesses ad, keyword, and landing page quality, influencing ad performance and cost-per-click (CPC).
CTR (Click-Through Rate)The ratio of clicks your ad receives to the number of times it’s shown, expressed as a percentage.
ImpressionThe number of times your ad is shown to users and the number of clicks it receives.
ConversionA desired user action after clicking an ad, like purchasing.
Conversion Rate
The conversion rate is the percentage of clicks resulting in a conversion. CPC is the cost of a click, while CPM is the cost of 1000 impressions.
Ad ExtensionsAdditional information or links can be added to your ads to provide context and encourage engagement.
Ad ScheduleA feature that allows you to specify the days and times when your ads should be shown
BidThe maximum amount you’ll pay for a click on your ad.
BudgetThe daily or monthly amount you will spend on advertising campaigns.
Ad PositionThe order in which your ad appears on the search results page relative to other ads.
Impression ShareThe percentage of times your ad is shown compared to the total number of times it could be shown.
Ad RotationSettings determine how Google rotates and displays multiple ads within an ad group.
RemarketingA remarketing strategy targets users engaged with your content or website
Ad CopyThe text and creative elements that make up your ad, including headlines, descriptions, and display URLs.
Negative KeywordsKeywords that you specify prevent your ads from being shown when certain terms are searched
Landing PageThe webpage where users are directed after clicking on your ad.
Conversion Tracking:
Conversion Tracking: The process of measuring and analyzing the success of your advertising campaigns in terms of conversions.
CTR (Conversion Tracking Rate)The percentage of clicks that result in a tracked conversion.
Quality ScoreA metric that measures the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages impacting ad performance and CPC.

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