Roadmap to Learn Google Ads

Roadmap to Learn Google Ads

Remember this before diving into Roadmap to learn Google Ads in 2024:

The key to success in Google Ads is to continuously learn, stay updated with Google Ads changes, and showcase your results.

This Google Ads Roadmap will help you start from scratch and progress to advanced skills in a structured manner. I have divided this roadmap in 5 phases;

  • Basics & Fundamentals
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Certifications
  • Exploring Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Phase 1: Basics and Foundations

Remember: Marketing Fundamentals will remain same always, whatever the changes may occur!

1. Understand Google Ads:

  • Learn about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
  • Understand the various Google Ads types:
    • Search
    • Display
    • Video (YouTube)
    • Shopping, and
    • App campaigns.
  • Why Google Ads? (Benefits)
  • Marketing Goals
    • Leads
    • Sales
    • Website traffic
    • Brand awareness

2. Google Ads Account Setup

  • Create Google Ads account here:
  • Explore the Google Ads dashboard to familiarize yourself with the interface.

3. Learn About Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Ads:

  • Understand the hierarchy:
    • Campaigns
      • Ad groups, &
        • Ads
  • Campaign settings
    • Budget
    • Bidding strategies, and
    • Location targeting.

4. Explore Keywords and Match Types:

  • Keyword research and how to use Google Keyword Planner.
  • Keyword match types:
    • Broad
    • Phrase
    • Exact
    • Negative keywords.

5. Study Ad Copy and Extensions:

  • Structure of a Google search ad:
    • Headlines
    • Descriptions
    • Display URL.
  • Explore ad extensions
    • Sitelink
    • Callout
    • Structured snippet extensions

Phase 2: Intermediate Concepts:

Here I am sure you understand the basics and how platform works.

6. Dive Deeper into Bidding Strategies:

  • Bidding strategies:
    • Manual CPC
    • Enhanced CPC
    • Maximize Clicks
    • Maximize Conversions
    • Target ROAS.
  • Learn when to use each strategy based on your campaign goals.

7. Understand Quality Score and Ad Rank:

  • Factors affecting Quality Score:
    • Expected click-through rate (CTR)
    • Ad relevance
    • Landing page experience.
  • Understand how Quality Score affects Ad Rank and cost per click (CPC).

8. Work with Analytics and Reporting:

  • Set up Google Analytics and link it to Google Ads.
  • Learn to read Google Ads reports, focusing on key metrics:
    • CTR
    • CPC
    • Conversion Rate
    • ROAS.

9. Create Effective Landing Pages:

  • The importance of landing page quality for conversions and Quality Score.
  • Learn best practices for creating high-converting landing pages.

Phase 3: Advanced Techniques


10. Explore Advanced Targeting:

  • Learn about audience targeting:
    • Remarketing
    • Customer match
    • Similar audiences.
  • Understand demographic targeting and affinity/in-market audiences.

11. Experiment with Automated Campaigns:

  • Explore automated campaigns like;
    • Smart Campaigns
    • Performance Max
    • Dynamic Search Ads.
  • Learn how to optimize automated campaigns for best results.

12. Conduct A/B Testing and Optimization:

  • Experiment with ad variations to find the most effective messaging and design.
  • Learn about conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques.

13. Stay Updated with Industry Trends:

  • Follow Google Ads blogs and news sources to keep up with changes and new features.
  • Participate in Google Ads forums and communities to learn from other advertisers.

Phase 4: Mastery and Certification


14. Pursue Google Ads Certifications:

  • Prepare for and pass Google Ads certifications, such as;
    • Search
    • Display
    • Video
    • Shopping
    • App campaigns.
  • These certifications validate your expertise and can be valuable for career growth.

15. Develop Custom Strategies and Automation:

  • Learn to create custom scripts and automated rules in Google Ads.
  • Explore advanced integrations with other marketing tools and platforms.

16. Build a Portfolio and Share Knowledge:

  • Create a portfolio showcasing your Google Ads projects and results.
  • Share your knowledge by creating content, giving talks, or mentoring others in Google Ads.

This does not end here;

Phase 5: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

17. Understand Basic Marketing Concepts

  • How marketing works?
  • Modern Day Marketing

With this roadmap, you should be able to progress from a complete beginner to an advanced Google Ads expert. Take your time with each phase, and don’t hesitate to revisit earlier topics if needed.

Also this is not it, I will keep it updated with time as new things come up! So save this!
Best of luck!

I am working on Google ADs Template which will help modern day PPC Managers to streamline their process and get the max results from Google Ads campaigns. Stay Tuned!

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Can you learn Google Ads by yourself?
Yes, you can learn Google Ads by yourself from YouTube. These are some amazing channels including GuidedPPC, Solutions8, Imran Nadir, Umar Tazkeer & WSCube Tech.
Is it free to learn Google Ads?
Is Google Ads easy to learn?
It depends on your learning process and how much you can consume. I know so many people who did not do well in their careers but they made most out of Google Ads. So I guess, yes it’s easy to learn.
How many days will it take to learn Google Ads?
If you follow above roadmap, you can begin running campaigns for yourself or client in less than 6 months.
Is Google Ads worth learning?
Yes, totally.

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