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Having best tea in Civic Center Bahria Town phase 4 at Quetta Hotel

Tea - it all starts here

Find the best tea in Pakistan - click here

Story; this is 1 of the fine evening in Bahria Town Islamabad's Quetta Cafe

It is a view of street when there are clouds in Islamabad in Summers

Clouds in Islamabad in Summers

Clouds gathering in Islamabad in Summers to shower some rain.


This is image of street in Sukkur Township after Rain in Sukkur

A Moment after rain

A moment of joy after rain in Sukkur, same street but this weather is once in a blue moon thing here so enjoying the moment. MashaAllah

This image shows the dark side of Sukkur Township when it rains in Sukkur it gets dirty

After Rain in Sukkur

After Rain in Sukkur gets dirty, sometimes you get stuck in dirt.

This is street in 1 of the expensive society in Sukkur, Sindh but the situation is this.. you can see & imagine other places..

Dark picture of store room

Dark Side of Store Room

This is store room in a village, it doesn't have a lock or any security but just open store for useless or less important things.

Here you can see all the stuff under the tree which is either useless or less used but it is there considering, never know when you need any of these.

Suzuki Mehran in Village

Suzuki Mehran in Village

Meet Mehru, the best car for Pakistani weather. 

Picture captured in my village.

Rain in Islamabad

Rain in Islamabad

Just see the picture & enjoy

It's a story itself. 

Personalized gift with my name on it

Personalized Gift

Personalized Gift with my name on it.

I have worked with UDAAR institute as Digital Marketing Trainer & they gave me this appreciation gift. 

Digital Marketing takes me to places & InshaAllah more to come!

When it rains in Islamabad

When it rains in Islamabad

Ah, that feeling..

Wait let me have my moment...

Well, weather in Islamabad is always beautiful & pictures are awesome 😉 

after office hours

After Office Hours

This is the hall in office building, how it turns when we pack up and get back to homes.

Sometimes I stand there & think I give this place 1/3rd of my time then I smile & move on!

Lights at the restaurant entrance

Entrance of Restaurant

A positive vibe when you enter in the restaurant. 

You feel welcomed and you can capture the best pic here hehe

Lights at Chaaye Khana

Lights at Chaaye Khana

These lights add ambiance to the experience.

A fine dine at chaaye khana Islamabad

A fine dine at chaaye Khana

When you need ambiance or calm environment when you eat, this place works like a charm in twin cities. 

Whenever you win, give yourself a treat and this is the best place for that. 

electricity meter with no security

Electricity Meter with no security

Sometimes you get hurt with the priorities you create. Now this meter has no security and can harm (God forbid) but no one cares about this, but you will get the bill of this stupid meter in time or before that.

Soup Spices

Soup Spices

In life, sometimes you need spicy to make it better.

Example: If everything in life gets sweet, you will hate it so a touch of spices can mix it up and make a great combination. Be thankful

Cheezious Islamabad

Cheezious Islamabad

Cheezious - The best pizza in Islamabad and the story in this is 1 good meal can create a lifetime memory. 

Every time I go there, it's wonderful experience. 

Backup of Website

Backup of Website

If you work on laptop, always create a backup of what you do.

It can save you a lot of trouble and time. 

Taking backup of a WordPress website before making changes.

No Smoking Banner in University

No Smoking Banner in University

Stop this non-sense before you realize it's too late.

Life is more than smoking it off. Save your lungs and this environment for better oxygen. 

Red Light On Signal for pedestrian in Dubai


Wait for your turn, you will cross that limitation.

All you have to be ready and wait for the right circumstances. I was waiting for signal to open in Dubai

Crowd holding mobiles for SRK Entry in Dubai

Everyone wants to capture!

But no one wants to live the moment.

Every wants to be the 1st to capture and get social acknowledgement but very few wants to cherish the moment. Enjoy!

Focus Lights

Focus Lights for the stage

When you achieve something in life, people put these focus light for you when you come on stage.

This phot was taken when Shahrukh Khan was coming for his Dunki Movie Promotion in Dubai

Merry Christmas 2023

Marry Christmas 2023

While having tea, saw this amazing Christmas tree & thought to take a picture & it came out like this.

PS: This is in Dubai.

Night life of Dubai

Night Life of Dubai

That's what people fall for. Lights, parties & chilling.

But if you see this image, you see how well mannered the drivers are and waiting for their turn in their lane.

That's Dubai

Plates after finishing food

When you finish food

How awesome food looks when it's freshly cooked

Life is like that; when you are alive you are fresh, and when you die, you are done.

This blog is my legacy!

Random Picture

A Random Photo

Sometimes it's okay to do things for no reason.

Sometimes it's okay to get bored.

Life will not be the same always!

The unique wrist watch in Dubai Watch Week

Glimpse of Dubai Watch Week

There were 1000s of watches but I found this 1 unique and awesome.

People do spend a lot on their attire. It speaks for them!

Traffic in Dubai

Traffic in Dubai

Traffic in Dubai is horrific.

You can experience it in the busy time, morning and evenings.

Don't ask me when it rains!

Waiting for Traffic Signal in Dubai

Wait for GREEN

Sometime hurry can hurt you, so stop when it's Red light and wait for it to turn Green.

This is life

Wallet watch and laptop at Work Desk

$, Time & Work

Wallet, Watch & Work explains the life.

You give time to work to earn money to spend your life.

A View from Cafe

Dubai is filled with such places, after having evening tea, you can have some "me time" & reflect on the actions you took & plan further.

Work from Home Laptop

Work from Home Laptop

Time has changed & you can work from anywhere, all you need is good skill, a laptop & internet. I provide Digital Marketing Services.

Zebra Crossing in Dubai

Zebra Crossing in Dubai

Everyone stops here & wait for the signal.

Same goes with life, you have to stop & wait for the right time!

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