Simple Rules in Life for Success and Happiness

Follow these 3 Simple Rules in life

Life seems complicated most of the times but understand these rules and it will look easy. Let me explain these 3 simple rules in life which every one needs to understand and implement them.

Rule # 1:

If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.

  • Ask yourself this: how can you get something if you do not put any efforts to achieve it?
  • Or say, the thing will always be mystery if we do not follow it or explore it.

So just clear your focus, have a vision and run after it, one day you will have it and feel it.

Rule # 2

If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO.

  • Asking questions clarifies your concepts. Let me give real time example here;
    • You like a girl, you are so keen to ask her out but you don’t. So answer will always be no and she will never know that you liked her, on the other hand, if you ask her may be she says yes and you both go out and things work out well & you end up staying for life.
  • Let me give another example in corporate world;
    • You want to invest in someone’s company but you do not know whether they have need of investor, the answer will always be no. On the other hand if you ask they may give you stats and you invest in it and you get profits.

So always ask questions, this opens up discussions and discussions lead to a solution. 

Rule # 3

If you do not step further, you will always be in the same place.

  • If you think you can achieve your personal, professional or corporate goals by sleeping in bed, you are wrong. You will always be in bed if you do not wake up, work for it and take necessary steps.
  • For example;
    • You have marathon to run but you are still at one place and not running, will you win? NO.

So you got to take step further to achieve your goals.

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