What is 24x7 marketing concept


24×7: The concept of 24 by 7 is that something which is available every hour of the day (like 24 hours) and everyday of the week (like 7 days). It is mostly used in businesses, the businesses which are always open day and night. The other words used for 24 by 7 is;
  • Non stop
  • Round the clock.
All the businesses which are always open, they have employees who work on rotation, like A works 8 hours, B works another 8 hours and C works remaining 8 hours. This is very essential act for all businesses be it product based or service based.
Here is the list of non stop services;
  • ATMs (24/7 Banking transactions)
  • Customer support/Call Centers (Whenever customer faces issue, s/he could be addressed)
  • Emergency at hospitals (You never know when emergency occurs)
  • Petrol/Gas Stations (For all the travelers, there is this shop on majority stations for snacks for odd times cravings)
  • Taxis/Cabs
  • Police/Security Guard Services (Securing major places and things)
  • Airports/Airlines (Time varies country to country so as flights timings)
  • Electric/Water and other
  • Online Stores
  • Gym (Not all members are free at the same time)
  • Comment if We missed any.
How can 24/7 increase our businesses?
Being a customer of any company I do not just buy product or service but I also buy experiences. I would love the brand which is available on my ease. This will increase word of mouth and you know word of mouth is very strong and least costly marketing strategy. You as a businessman, if you do not provide non stop service, someone else will and you will loose customers big time. Other benefits include;
  • Customer can reach you anytime s/he wants.
  • There is always an opportunity to make another happy customer.
  • Customer feels proud to discuss your non stop services with their family and friends.

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