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Lead Generation | Web Design Services

Case Study Overview

● A Digital Marketing Agency
● Hired me to generate leads for "Web Design Services"
● Previously they were dependent on Referrals only
● Ticket Size = Average Web Design $250 - $950

Continuous communication & step by step progress helped in achieving business goals

Things I found in my audit when I took over:

❌ It was very granularly set-up.
❌ Poor and untargeted traffic quality.
❌ Tracking was a mess and inaccurate.
❌ No Audience was created for retargeting
❌ GA4 & GTM was not integrated
❌ No Goals were defined
❌ Assets Library was empty
❌ Irrelevant Details on Landing Page
❌ Using website as landing page

What What I Did:


↪ Complete Audit
↪ Fixed GA4, GTM, Goals, Audiences, Assets & optimized it thoroughly
↪ Server Side Tagging
↪ Fixed landing page using WordPress CMS
↪ Setup 3 campaigns with different ad groups
↪ pMax, DSA, Remarketing, Demand Gen.
↪ DSA's, Broad Match + Negative Keywords.
↪ Campaign Consolidation from 10x Search to 2x.
↪ Continuous Optimization

The Outcome:

✅ +122% in Cost.
✅ -39% CPC & +261% Clicks.
✅ +14% Web Engagement Rate.
✅ +24% Search Conversion Rate.
✅ +291% Conversions; 133 Received.
● Total AD Spent: Rs. 60500/-
● Impressions: 68767
● Clicks: 1031

What Happened Next?

➡ Increased Budgets + Scaling.
➡ Amazing recognition from the client.
➡ Exploring more advanced techniques + locations.



When I took over this account, it was so clear to me that there were so many low-hanging fruits that I was so confident of improving the results.

Nothing too complicated, just core fundamentals for the most part!

By addressing key issues and implementing strategic changes, significant improvements in traffic quality, engagement, and conversions were achieved, leading to impressive business growth and client satisfaction.

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