Google Ads | Case Study

Youtube Videos Ads were not getting impressions & views

Case Study Overview

● YouTube Content Creator & Freelancer
● Hired me to troubleshoot AD delivery issues and figure out the cause. 
● The Ads were live but not getting impressions & video views

Step by step progress helped in achieving desired results.

Things I found in my audit when I took over:

❌ Incorrect Bidding strategy
❌ Irrelevant Campaign goal & Objective
❌ Poor and untargeted traffic quality [No or small size of audience]
❌ Tracking was a mess and inaccurate.
❌ GA4 & GTM was not integrated
❌ No Goals were defined
❌ Assets Library was empty
❌ Irrelevant Details on Landing Page
❌ Using website as landing page

What What I Did:

↪ Complete Audit
↪ I paused the old campaign and created new campaign, when I was working on new campaign, I came to know that you used placements on 10 videos
↪ Now when I went through those videos, their views are very low, this will be the reason of ad not performing well coz of very very limited and narrow audience
↪ Fixed GA4, GTM, Goals, Audiences, Assets & optimized it thoroughly
↪ Pause this campaign and create new campaign with an objective of "Target CPM"
↪ I set the broad audience without placement on any video/channel

The Outcome:

✅ Ads went live in 1 day
✅ Improved optimization score to 90%
✅ Got Impressions 1970+
✅ 3.81% View Rate

What Happened Next?

➡ Increased Budgets + Campaigns + Scaling + Retargeting Campaigns.
➡ Amazing recognition from the client.
➡ Exploring more advanced techniques + locations.


When I took over managing this YouTube Ad account, I quickly identified several straightforward opportunities for improvement, giving me confidence in my ability to enhance the results.

The primary focus was on addressing core fundamentals again.

Identifying & restructuring campaigns led me to instant results of impressions & views.

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