SEO | Case Study

eCommerce Store SEO from scratch

Case Study Overview

● My client was selling products offline for last 10 years
● Decided to bring their business online 5 years ago
● With continuous 3 years of struggle and no progress in orders

Increased Organic Traffic from 0 to 69.2%


↪ Attracting organic traffic to their website by ranking high for products searches.
↪ Rank for right & target keywords
↪ Increase organic traffic from local cities

My Approach:

↪ Monthly blogs with special event promos
↪ On-site optimizations focused on URLs, web page speed
↪ Backlinks focused on local listings

The Outcome:

✅ Overall improved website performance for traffic
✅ 40% of products keywords rank in top 7 placements for served locations
✅ Reduced bounce rate which increased engagement rate on website
✅ Number of pages per session increased almost 5%
✅ Average positioned improved by increased top page ranking
✅ The amount of users increased by 657%

What Happened Next?

➡ Off Page SEO | Link Building
➡ Blog Writing
➡ Continuous Optimization


When I took over this account, it was so clear to me that there were so many low-hanging fruits that I was so confident of improving the results.

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